About Me

Lindsey Simms is a marketer, author and coach living in Atlanta, GA. 

Lindsey earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Louisiana Tech University and is a member of Delta Sigma Pi, International Business Fraternity. 

She has furthered her education in entrepreneurship through real-life experience and participating in The Edge Connection’s Plan to Profit Program. Lindsey is also a graduate of the Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy. 

Lindsey has been converting her ideas into profitable products since 2005. Additionally, she is an experienced advisor. Lindsey has helped creative individuals find their ideal career paths as an Assistant Director of Admissions for The Art Institutes. 

During her tenure at Empire Beauty School, Lindsey served as the Career Planning Specialist and Social Media Manager for the campus, where she increased her campus’ social media influence through producing engaging content.

Lindsey is the daughter of a former freelance commercial photographer who specialized in advertising and editorial photography. She attributes much of her understanding about visual elements in marketing to the lessons observed through watching her father at work. Raised in New Orleans, LA, Lindsey is an alumna of Edna Karr High School and The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts where she studied Theater. 

I'd Love To Serve You.
 I excel at building profitable relationships.

I never meet strangers and I'm not afraid to cross uncharted waters to discover new opportunities. 

Innovation and Insight
I stay abreast of industry trends. Whether it is books, magazines, webinars, workshops or courses, I love staying ahead of the curve and sharing relevant insights. 
Career Development 
I have over ten years of sales experience, but I love translating my professional expertise into actionable strategies for students and beginning creatives to help them succeed.

The character traits which Lindsey displayed during our time working together at AT&T are what turn ordinary organizations into extraordinary organizations. I cannot overemphasize how much easier my job was as a direct result of her performance. Her sound ability to prioritize responsibilities and organize company assets in conjunction with astute decision making, in turn, allowed our back office to seamlessly function in a way which can be heralded only as a competitive advantage. Lindsey’s positive outlook on situational occurrences provided a breath of fresh air in the most tumultuous times. Those privileged to be in her company are sure to be positively impacted by her infectious smile which lights up the room. As the first face customers saw when entering our retail location, Lindsey’s infectious smile and empathetic tone removed any ambiguity and /or anxiety customers may have had before meeting with a Retail Sales Consultant. Her ability to attentively listen to customer concerns, ascertain information, diffuse tension, and communicate expectations led to an environment where our location consistently exceeded set standards regarding customer experience initiatives. Lindsey’s warm compassionate spirit was an integral part in establishing the cohesion which led to our location’s success during her tenure there and would be deemed as an important asset to any organization she is a part of.